Hamptons Police Report Phone-less Man in Sag Harbor

Happy without a phone... something is wrong here
Happy without a phone... something is wrong here, Photo: ljupco/123RF, Oliver Peterson

An officer with the Hamptons Police Department reported the surveillance of a Sag Harbor man who exhibited suspicious behavior on Friday. According to the officer, the man was walking by himself on Hampton Street in the direction of the village, proceeded onto Washington Street and from there to Main Street. Once on Main Street, the man continued to walk in the direction of the Long Wharf. The mysterious man didn’t appear to be in communication with anyone, nor was he observed to make an effort to communicate with anyone.

“At no time during this extended, five-minute period that our officer was observing him did the man pull a phone out of his pocket to look at it,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch says, revealing a smartphone video the officer filmed of the man. “He was not wearing a blue-tooth device on his head and talking into it. In fact, he didn’t seem to even have a phone on him. And worse yet, he seemed happy about it.”

The man made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was without a means of telecommunication, but his fellow pedestrians, who were either talking on a phone or absorbed in looking at their phones, failed to notice the sinister phone-less man. Unfortunately, the Hamptons Police officer who was following the man stopped to take a call and lost track of the suspect.

“Because we lost him, at this point we have more questions about this guy than answers,” spokesman Hirsch says. “There’s clearly something wrong with him,” he adds. “It’s all quite disturbing.”

The Hamptons Police Department is asking the public to report to them if they encounter any evidence of phone-lessness in their neighborhoods.

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