Hear Lady Gaga’s Epic Performance of ‘Million Reasons’ on Howard Stern

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, Photo: buzzfuss/123RF

Southampton resident Howard Stern welcomed Hamptons visitor Lady Gaga back to his eponymous morning radio show on Monday and she moved everyone with a stirring live performance of “Million Reasons” from her new album Joanne, which was released on Friday, October 21.

Gaga told Entertainment Weekly that “Million Reasons” is a “country song mixed with funk and rock ‘n’ roll,” but describing the meaning behind it, she told Stern and co-host Robin Quivers, “I wrote this song for women all over the world…I’m a woman and I go through the same things that other women go through.” She added that the song is also something for men because it could help them understand how women feel. “Maybe he would understand a little bit more how deep it goes, how much we really love you, and how much we really need that love in return to be protected,” she explained.

The performance, which can be heard below, was so strong and heartfelt, that Quivers said she was crying by the end. Back when she was promoting Artpop in 2013, Gaga played a famously breathtaking rendition of her song “Dope” for Stern and company, so it’s becoming something of a tradition. She also sang along with her track “A-YO” when Stern played it on Monday, noting that the song took just 10 minutes to write with her friend Hillary Lindsey. Gaga said “A-YO” is a song against “the haters” and in it she says she can’t wait to “smoke” all her detractors “like Marlboros.” The singer said “A-YO” is a hit record.

“Million Reasons” has already reached number one on iTunes in Saudi Arabia and it debuted in America at number three on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart. Billboard.com says Joanne is on track to becoming Lady Gaga’s fourth number one album on the Billboard 200 chart.

Now listen to “Million Reasons” to understand why.

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