‘Barbara Walters Presents’ Returns on December 6

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters. Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

Barbara Walters Presents returns for a second season on Investigation Discovery on December 6.

Featuring brand new interviews by Hamptonite Barbara Walters from individuals as well as extended, new scenes from original interviews, episodes for the new season of Barbara Walters Presents include:

Gary Hart / Donna Rice: The Scandal that Changed History
Premieres Tuesday, December 6
“In 1987, handsome Senator Gary Hart seemed on the road to be President. With personal charisma, political savvy, good looks and the intelligence to match, it seemed like nothing could stop him. That is until the Miami Herald received an ‘all too good to be true’ tip: Hart, a married man, had been seen with a mysterious younger blonde woman. Intense media frenzy followed. The blonde, revealed as Donna Rice, was promptly dragged into the limelight of constant gossip tabloids. Within six days of the story breaking, Hart left the race—forever changing U.S. political coverage. In interviews with Donna Rice and other key figures, Barbara Walters discusses the historical repercussions of one single scandal.”

Leona Helmsley: The Queen of the Palace
Premieres Tuesday, December 13
“In the heyday of the “greed-is-good” 1980s, Leona Helmsley reigned over a real estate empire. Her fabled parties included everyone from Frank Sinatra to Barbara Walters, and even a young Donald Trump. Her ad campaign for the luxurious Helmsley Palace Hotel made her a national celebrity, but it was her poor treatment of others and tax evasion that made her a national criminal. Barbara Walters sits down with the man who took Leona down, Rudy Giuliani; the woman who covered it all in the press, Cindy Adams; and Leona Helmsley herself with new interviews revealed from the past.”

Michael Jackson: The Man in the Mirror
Premieres Tuesday, December 20
“Michael Jackson is one of pop culture’s greatest icons and noted philanthropists.  But to the public over the years he was a mass of contradictions: a sensitive man who swaggered through his videos; a proud African-American who altered most of his identifiably black features; an innocent accused of stealing the innocence of others. Barbara Walters interviewed the Jackson family for years. Now, never before seen moments from Barbara’s past interviews with Michael and a revealing new interview with Tito Jackson, Michael Jackson’s older brother and Jackson 5 bandmate, as well as TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew and guardian of his children. Tito and nephew TJ shed light on the myth behind the man. In this premiere episode, the people who knew Michael Jackson speak of a man—not a myth.”

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