Howard Dean Calls Trump ‘Most Dangerous Person Ever to Run’

Howard Dean

East Hampton resident and former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean sent an email to Democratic voters through on Friday asking them not get complacent when it comes to Tuesday’s election. In it, he says Republican Candidate Donald Trump is “the most dangerous person ever to run” for the highest office in the land.

“This presidential election is uncomfortably close,” Dean writes, noting that for weeks it “looked like Hillary Clinton was all but guaranteed a victory,” but warns Trump is gaining in the polls and “There’s no such thing as a sure thing in politics.”

Of course, Dean should know—when he ran in 2004, the Hamptons native saw the highs and lows a competitive election season can bring. Remember, his campaign’s momentum was brought down by a single, enthusiastic but awkward scream.

“I’ve seen the ‘impossible’ happen and the ‘guaranteed’ fizzle out more times than I can count,” Dean says in the email, adding, “My own 2004 campaign for president had me going from long shot to front-runner and back again faster than anyone could predict.”

With Clinton slipping in the polls and the presidency looking a little less like an impossibility for The Donald, Dean asks the Liberals on’s email list to speak to progressive voters in swing states who may not even be voting on Tuesday.

“By this time of year voters are sick of the glitzy ads and the nightly horse-race update,” Dean writes. “The only thing that can break through is a real person—a person like you—taking the time to have a conversation to make sure they’re planning to vote.”

Dean, who reprised his famous scream when he endorsed Clinton during this year’s Democratic National Convention, goes on to implore Dems to make calls to those swing states. After all, he explains, the stakes are incredibly high.

“Trump may be the most dangerous person ever to run for president, and even if Hillary wins, Republican senators like Ted Cruz and John McCain are now openly planning to leave the Supreme Court vacancy unfilled—permanently,” Dean says. “It’s just one piece of the obstruction they’re already intending in an attempt to derail a Clinton presidency,” he continues, adding, “We simply can’t let Republicans hold the White House OR the Senate—our democracy literally depends on it.”

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