Best Harley Langberg Food Art from 2016

Harley Langberg food art parrot
Harley Langberg food art parrot, Photo: @harleysfood_art

Bridgehampton food artist Harley Langberg posted a bounty of culinary creations on Instagram in 2016, but on November 28, the produce Picasso announced he would be taking a well-deserved break from the photo sharing app through the rest of the year.

While we eagerly await his return in 2017, this seemed like a perfect time to look back at his body of work from the last 10 months (since January 1). This selection of our favorite pieces from 2016 shows off Langberg’s wonderfully diverse range of subjects, including pop culture references, seasonal images, recreations of iconic works of art, portraits of legendary artists, moments from the year, sports figures,landscapes, animals and more.

Since posting his first picture in 2013, Langberg’s work has earned him more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, and the number keeps growing! He’s also landed a number of brand collaborations with companies such as Wilson Tennis, Whole Foods, Food Network, the Met Museum, MTV, Dylan’s Candy Bar and more.

Find more of Harley Langberg’s food art on his Instagram page @harleysfood_art. Or visit his website,

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