TriCrosse – The Ultimate Hamptons Outdoor Summer Game


Long Island, New York is recognized for a lot of cool things. Revolutionary history, great concert venues, school sports including lacrosse, beaches, boating and backyard barbeques, and now, the birthplace of TriCrosse, The Ultimate Outdoor Game.

What is TriCrosse? A brand new game with large scoop rackets to make it easy to catch and throw balls back and forth while trying to score points into fun looking goals. Hurl, float and curve balls as far as 60 feet and into your opponent’s goal. Improve your aim and accuracy by mastering curve and riser shots to win the game, even in windy conditions. TriCrosse is portable, easy to set up, fun to play, and difficult to put down while playing leisurely or in a faster-paced and more competitive battle.

Whether you play games to 5, 7 or 11 points, you’ll be sure to attract a crowd with this new and contagious outdoor game. Check out the video below, on YouTube or at and start playing now! Practice makes wins and winning is fun, so don’t drop the ball! Stay ahead of the curve with your own game of TriCrosse.

The concept of TriCrosse was born on Long Island in the 1980s when two teenagers got back to land after summer days on Long Island Sound—fishing, clamming and riding anything towable behind a boat. Playing toss and catch with lacrosse-like toy rackets was just not enough, so crab nets were jammed into the ground to create goals and score points. Now, after years of game development and many people asking “Where did that come from” and “Can I try it” and “Where can we buy it?” TriCrosse is finally here! TriCrosse is now available for promotional discounted delivery in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, online at, and on Amazon and ebay!

As your accuracy skills improve, watch your “highlight reel” curve and riser shots score into side-snipe goals. Cradle deflections off the goal to show off your goalie skills after making ridiculous catches, and shout to those watching “Who’s up next!” as your winning shot finds the back of the twine, because in TriCrosse, winner stays on!

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