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Southampton Neighborhood Has 87+ Private Tennis Courts in Square Mile

Google Earth reveals much about our sporting populace.

During some routine Google Earth viewing, we recently came upon what could very well be the most tennis courts per capita we’ve ever seen. And not one of them is public.

This loose trapezoid covering less than one square mile between Route 27 to the north, Flying Point Road to the west, Cobb Road to the east and Cobb Road W. to the south in Southampton and Water Mill—right behind Hank’s Pumpkintown—has an absolutely absurd number of tennis courts. How many of these homeowners are actually getting out there and playing?

We’ve marked all the tennis courts from the sample picture above with red dots in a second version below. According to our count, the neighborhood has 87 tennis courts in less than one square mile. At least 10 more sit just out of frame, so it’s really closer to 100. See for yourself.

Count the tennis courts!
Count the tennis courts!

Does the Hamptons have another area with a higher congestion of tennis fanatics? Does any other place in the world have more private tennis courts (not including clubs) stuffed into a one-square-mile area? We challenge you to find it.

For an added bonus, how about finding an area with the most private basketball courts? We’ve seen quite a few hiding right here in this map.

Side note: A home about one mile to the east of this tennis-loving cluster (100 Crescent Avenue, Water Mill) has its very own rooftop tennis court. Since tennis is clearly more popular in the Hamptons than anyone could have ever imagined, it’s a safe bet rooftop courts will be all the rage in the coming years. Now homes can cover as much acreage as possible without giving up Southampton’s favorite pastime!

Tennis anyone?

A particularly dense cluster of tennis courts
A particularly dense cluster of tennis courts, Photo: Google Earth
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