My Hamptons: Jonathan Adler – Potter, Designer, Author

Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan and Liberace
Jonathan Adler, Simon Doonan and Liberace

Jonathan Adler is one of our favorite designers: His work just makes us happy. He has a summer home on Shelter Island, which he shares with husband Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador-at-Large of Barneys, and their dog Foxylady.

Behind the Hedges: How long have you been coming to the Hamptons? Why do you like it?

Jonathan Adler: It’s been well over 20 years—I’m old. I first fell in love with Shelter Island via an accidental detour on my way home from Providence where I went to college. I stopped here and thought, “WTF: this place is paradise.” It’s totes chill – it’s like the anti-Hamptons.

BTH: Describe your Hamptons home and decorating style.

JA: When we were building our house on Shelter Island, we knew we wanted warm, rustic modernism. The house is a little California, a little bit Japanese, and a little bit Swedish. It’s full of all the stuff I make—and the people I love.

BTH: If you could have anyone at your Hamptons dinner party, dead or alive, who would you invite?

JA: Andy Warhol would have been the ultimate get—sad I never got to meet my hero.

BTH: What’s your favorite antiques or vintage store in the Hamptons?

JA: Beall & Bell in Greenport is a throwback to the time when chic antiques were not tens of millions of dollars. It’s a must-visit.

BTH: Describe your perfect day on the East End in detail.

JA: Wake up. Argue with my hubby Simon about whose turn it is to make tea. Have tea and some fruit, yogurt and granola for brekkie.

Next, Simon and I hop on our paddle boards and go over to Hay Beach. We feel like pirates coming up on our paddle boards, like we should plunder the beach and then come back home with our spoils.

We then come back home and have lunch, probably with our besties Ariel Levy or Liz Lange. After that, it’s time to read, watch TV, swim—not all at the same time.

For dinner, we head to Vine Street Café. It’s heaven on earth. It’s the best restaurant in the Hamptons and on the planet.

Then it’s time to read, watch TV, swim­—not all at the same time—and argue about whose turn it is to take our rescue mutt Foxylady out. Bed.

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