Kindness Works 3K Walks Against Bullying in East Hampton Sunday

Nancy Silberkleit No Bully Zone
Courtesy Nancy Silberkleit, Karen Roach/123RF

Archie Comics co-CEO and East End resident Nancy Silberkleit is continuing her mission to stop bullying and spread goodwill with her new Kindness Works 3K. The all-ages 3-kilometer walk sets off at 111 Cove Hollow Road (at the corner of Buckskill Road) in East Hampton this Sunday, September 24 at 9:30 a.m.

All proceeds support Silberkleit’s Rise Above Social Issues Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to address challenging social issues in the lives of young people, such as bullying and discrimination.

“By enhancing literacy and encouraging self-confidence and knowledge through age-accessible, non-threatening reading materials, such as specially created, topical comic books, we strive to stimulate creativity and tolerance in our young students, giving them the tools to become a positive influence on their peers, while overcoming the social issues that face too many of our young people today,” Silberkleit explains, noting that young people should learn to be compassionate and kind, especially for those who are alone or are subjected to bullying.

Rise Above Social Issues publishes comic books on topics that are difficult to talk about, such as bullying. The flagship comic book, Rise Above, is a story that offers solutions for those suffering at the hands of bullies. Silberkleit says the story helps victims of bullying by inspiring them to “never let anyone define who they want you to be,” and to “get busy” in their lives.

A world renowned public speaker and advocate of child literacy, Silberkleit argues that comics are an accessible gateway to getting kids interested in reading, and, she says, “Rise Above highlights getting out of the negative noise of others and no longer being afraid to allow your spirit to carve a healthy path that highlights who you are and where you want to go.”

Pre-registration for the Kindness Works 3K is open now through Friday, September 22 at a discounted $25 here. Participants can check in the day of the walk for $35 at Pony Hill (111 Cove Hollow Road) in East Hampton on Sunday, September 24 from 8–9 a.m., or take advantage of early check-in and pick up your bib on Saturday, September 23 from 9 a.m.–12 p.m.

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