Fall Makeup Trends: What’s Hot in the Hamptons for 2017

Fall makeup trends
Get on trend with your makeup this fall! Photo: iStock.com

Transitioning from shorts, flip-flops and tanks to flowing cardigans, ankle boots and skinny jeans has a way of making you feel glamorous. But it’s not all about the clothes in fall—the makeup also totally rocks. Fall is the time to really play with your look, and since the humidity has died down, you won’t have to reapply two to three times a day. Quirky is the best word to describe this year’s fall makeup trends, all of the looks are tons of fun and the best part is anyone can pull them off.

Rock Star Vibes: One of the biggest trends this year is metallic eye shadow. This look contrasts with the usually comfy-cozy vibe of fall fashion, and it really brings an edge to any outfit that gives off a rock star kind of vibe. The bolder variations of the metallic trend are reds (such as copper), and black. But if those are a bit too much for you, you can always go with a softer gold and silver. And these metallic textures don’t have to be used one at a time—combine them into one look! The outcome is a super strong, bold eye, and it’s best when all other makeup is in more natural shades.

Adding some gloss over the eye shadow can also change up the look, and is another trend this fall. It gives an extra shine and sheen to the metallic, making it stand out even more.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lips: Burgundy, plum, and other deep berry colors stand out this fall—not only in fashion—but in lipstick shades. These colors are a statement—pairing this shade with a clean face is best.

If the color is a bit too bold for your taste, you can always do a two-tone lip, which is also a trend this season. Wearing different colors on the top lip and bottom lip gives you a chance to lighten any look. Maybe try using a plum on the bottom, and a lighter shade of red on the top. Or you can go with the “I woke up like this” look and use your finger to apply a very light amount of the shade, starting at the center and then blending it outward.

Back to the ’80s: Bright blue eye shadow and bold, heavy eyeliner, along with bold blush, are trends this year that are leading us to believe that the ’80s are back. Who doesn’t remember that iconic powder blue eye shadow that looked totally cool at the time? But, looking back at pictures, you can’t help but wonder what you were thinking. Well, that shade is cool once again. This time, though, it’s used in a less cheesy and more fashion-forward way. The blue is often an accent and is used with other shades that bring a modern vibe to the once classic look.

The eyeliner trend is a bit different. It’s not in the typical spot. Instead of on the lid, we’re seeing it being used on the brow bone in a shape that almost mimics shoulder pads from the ’80s. It’s really quirky and different, but if done the right way it can be a great addition to your look.

Heavy blush is also back. No more trying to look like you have that natural glow: apply as much blush as you crave and give into the ’80s New Wave vibe. This looks best in a swoop across the cheekbone.

Be You, Be Bold: One trend that is consistent across all looks this season is self-expression. All of these looks can be used in different ways, lighter or bolder, softer or edgier. What the trendsetters want you to do is aim to be yourself this fall season, and use makeup as a tool to express that self to the world.

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