‘Inside with Chris Cuomo’ Debut Looks at Opioid Crisis on HLN Tonight

Chris Cuomo on "Inside with Chris Cuomo" on HLN
Chris Cuomo on "Inside with Chris Cuomo" on HLN

Southampton newsman and CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo‘s new show, Inside with Chris Cuomo, debuts on HLN tonight (Friday, October 20) at 9 p.m. The five-part docuseries “shines a light on the shocking and sometimes heartbreaking stories affecting real people, in real towns and cities across America,” according to the network.

On tonight’s premiere episode, Cuomo takes a deeper look inside the opioid epidemic from New Hampshire, a state hit hard by the crisis, where addicts overdosing in the streets is a daily occurrence. During his investigation, Cuomo examines the opioid plague from the perspective of first responders (including Manchester, NH firefighters), police, addiction specialists, courts and, of course, the addicts struggling to get high or get clean.

“…we don’t just talk about opioids, we take you inside the reality that Trump calls a national crisis,” Cuomo wrote on Facebook Tuesday, adding, “And we show you what it might take to stop it.”

The series continues on Friday, October 27 with “The Talking Dead,” an in-depth report following Laredo, Texas medical examiner Dr. Corrine Stern, who works to identify and find cause of death for “an alarming number of bodies” in her jurisdiction. Among the dead are migrants who were attempting to cross the border from Mexico and many other “horrific” cases. Cuomo learns about Stern’s forensic techniques and the impact working with death has on her life outside the job.

On November 3, Cuomo takes viewers into “Secret Lives, Secret Places,” a look at FLDS, the extreme polygamist sect of Mormonism controlled by Warren Jeffs, and its former members who are fighting to get their children back.

“Anyone’s Daughter” on November 10 looks at children and sex trafficking, including girls as young as 10 years old. More and more American children are being recruited into the sex trade, sometimes girls as young as 10 years old. Cuomo hits the streets of Los Angeles, California with police, victims and one survivor who serves as his guide into this ugly and disturbing world.

Finally, “Green is the New Black” on November 17 goes inside New York State’s only maximum security prison for women with unprecedented access. Cuomo takes a look at prisoners’ daily lives and talks to the warden about drugs behind bars and whether rehabilitation is possible.

Watch Inside with Chris Cuomo on HLN Fridays at 9 p.m.

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