Behind the Hedges: Mickey Drexler’s Wainscott Home Finally Well Priced

Mickey Drexler's oceanfront home in Wainscott
Mickey Drexler's oceanfront home in Wainscott, Photo: Courtesy Douglas Elliman

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Over the past few years, J. Crew chairman Mickey Drexler’s oceanfront property in Wainscott has been on and off the market at a variety of shifting price points. A few weeks ago it was listed for $21.5 million, but the price has since been reduced to a more reasonable $17.95 million—a number nearing its actual value. On 2.3 beachfront acres, the house is cozy and adorable with three bedrooms and 3,500 square feet of living space, but it’s also restricted from having a pool or extensions due to its beautiful wetlands setting. For those who love it just as it stands, this is treasure, but ambitious homeowners won’t be permitted to take it beyond what’s already there. Read more at Behind the Hedges…

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