Winter’s Arrival Brings Fear of Snow Blower Drones in the Hamptons

Drone snow blowers are coming...
Drone snow blowers are coming... Photo: radututa, denisfilm, Maksym Chornii, imagemax, Jedsadabodin Wichai, Alexander Kolomietz/123RF

After this fall’s problems with drone leaf blowers across the region, authorities are expressing worries about the possibility of snow blower drones starting to appear in the area this winter.

“You might scoff, but then we didn’t know about drone leaf blowers before, either,” said Russell Fixx, who heads up landscaping regulatory activities in the Hamptons. “Then all the sudden, leaf blowers operated by remote control became a big problem around here,” he continued, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see operator-free snow blower drones come the first substantial snow fall, and so we need to get out ahead of this.”

If drone snow blowers do surface in the Hamptons this winter, the local officials and Hamptons Police Department say they will likely use the same regulatory plan as they’re currently shaping in response to the growing drone leaf blower problem.

Drone leaf blowers were banned this fall in the region, but the troublesome machines are still popping up, blowing leaves and even demanding payment from unwitting property owners. Especially disconcerting, no drone leaf blower operators have been identified or actually seen anywhere near the rogue apparatuses.

“No one wants to see this madness continue into the coldest months,” Fixx said.

Talks are ongoing.

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