Jerry Seinfeld Photobombs Matthew Broderick in Montauk

Matthew Broderick
Matthew Broderick, Photo: Katlean De Monchy

Few things ruin a potentially perfect photograph more than a photobomb. Just imagine taking the photo that’s going to turn your secret summer fling into a Facebook-official relationship, only to review the image and see a drunken man eating a gravel-filled pizza slice off the ground. That sexy, new profile pic is ruined!

Now, when the photo you’re trying to take is of a celebrity, the stakes are much higher. There are no retakes, so anyone else standing in frame should be quickly asked to move out of the shot. Right? Well, Twitter user @HonoredSpirit (Spirit) knows that isn’t always the case and details the tragic story in a set of tweets that are now going viral.

Apparently, Spirit’s friend was taking his family on a Montauk vacation, and during the trip they decide to make a pit stop to grab some snacks at a local shop. Walking out of that same store, they see none other than Amagansett icon Matthew Broderick who has just finished shopping with a buddy of his.

Spirit’s friend is a huge fan and knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so he politely asks Broderick to pose for a photo with his daughter and requests that his buddy step aside. Both agree willingly, but Spirit’s friend notices that there are still one too many people in the frame, so he asks Broderick’s buddy to move further back, and then further, and further. Finally, it’s decided that the unwanted individual will simply have to be cropped from the photo.

The picture is taken and the two groups head their separate ways. Once back in the car, the rest of the family shake their mortified silence and scream at the father, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??” Little did Spirit’s friend know, he had pushed aside Amagansett star Jerry Seinfeld, who stood disappointedly on the sidelines, photobombing a perfect picture that he should have been welcomed into with open arms.

Until an official apology is made, Broderick likely won’t be asked to guest star on Seinfeld’s hit show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee any time soon.

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