U.S. Weather Catastrophes: Are They a Sign from God?

Boy watches weather apocalypse
Photo: Konrad Bak/123RF

The government has just announced that, during this past year, the total cost of cleaning up all the weather catastrophes in America will be $306 billion. This is 10 times what this amount has historically averaged.

This includes the hurricanes that hit Houston and Miami, the catastrophe in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and the fires in California. It does not include what has happened since the first of the year: The -91° freeze in New Hampshire, the blizzard that hit New York and Long Island and the mudslides near Santa Barbara.

Meteorologists tell us these catastrophes are happening at an increasing rate because climate change is mixing up the weather patterns over America.

What I have not heard this past year are catastrophes such as these overtaking other countries. There are a few things here and there. Is it just that America is getting these new weather patterns? Or is it just that we don’t get to see the local news from China or Botswana? News from around the world is available 24/7. I think we’d know it if was happening.

Maybe it’s a sign from God. Beginning in 2017, the government of this country has been thumbing its nose at him. We will produce more coal. We will find more oil. We will cut back on the size of the National Parks and allow drilling and mining in what’s been taken away. We’ve withdrawn from the Paris Environmental Accords. Our new priority is weaponry, big business and jobs.

Moses once asked for a sign. God gave him a burning bush. Now He’s kicking us in the teeth.

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