Is Home Schooling the Answer for Our School Shootings Problem?

Home schooling
"You won't find any assault weapons in this school, kiddo!" Photo: Cathy Yeulet/123RF

If assault weapons can’t be regulated properly in America, the way to stop school shootings is to put into effect Plan B, which is closing all schools and reverting to the tried and true method of home schooling.

Home schooling has enormous obvious benefits. It will keep families together. You’d always know where your kids are. Divorces will become a thing of the past. And home schooling has been proven to be an effective way of educating a child. When you compare the outcomes of those home schooled with those who had to suffer through 12 years of public school, it is no contest—90% of all home school children in 2015 went to Harvard. During that time, less than 1% of public school children went to Harvard or any other of the Ivy League schools.

Kids who go to schools—public or private—separate themselves into cliques or gangs. They bully others. They use drugs. They get essays from the internet. They learn nothing. Many of them get injured playing group sports such as football, injuries that often last for the rest of their lives. And many students are slowed in their intellectual growth by language and cultural barriers.

No matter how anyone tries, there seems to be no way to effectively teach children in schools, often sitting at desks that are elbow-to-elbow. Home schooled children often get close to 1600 on the College Board SAT tests. The kids in public schools, with the possibility of danger always present, average little more than half that.

There was a time for public schools, but it has ended. Today, public schools are inefficient, sometimes corrupt and a national scandal. With the amounts paid to school superintendents these days, half a million dollars a year and more in some cases, the closing of schools would be an enormous savings for the taxpayers. As for learning, it is much better when it takes place in your home, sitting by the fire, laptop in hand, with your family around.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of courses offered and, with national guidance setting the bar for what kids should be learning at what ages in their lives, it is no wonder that home schooling beats learning in schools, hands down.

What to do with the public school buildings thus abandoned? They should be turned into arsenals and armories for the training of the machine-gun-armed local militias that have sprung up around the country to come forward if necessary and fight to save the country.

Classrooms could be used for studying strategy and weaponry. The former football fields and tracks can be converted to areas for marching in formation, mustering drills and firing ranges—not just for machine guns but also for some of the newer weapons coming down the pike and being converted for civilian use, such as flamethrowers, bazookas and rocket backpacks.

As for the former teachers and administrators of all our schools, many will be able to find jobs in other fields, but some will be able to find work in new jobs created by the introduction of national home schooling. Armed guards will need to be posted in both the front and back yards of every private home in America to keep the kids safe from the bad guys, who it is now clear are roaming the streets.

These bad guys will be clearly stressed upon finding that the schools have been closed. And they will have to be controlled.

This is a win-win for everybody.

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