The Jaws Of Life

On a cloudy afternoon, Greg Metzger hosted a shark research and educational program at the South Fork Natural History Museum and Natural Center. As the Chief Field Coordinator of the research program, Metzger dedicates most of his time by sailing directly out into the ocean so he and his team can conduct hands-on research with many of our local shark species.

Metzger and his oceanography team have cataloged numerous shark species already. The team was the first in the world to tag a Great White shark with a new and highly specialized shark tagging system.

For his presentation at SoFo, Metzger showed researchers of all ages the ways in which his team identifies and records the shark species it finds. Metzger stated, “Our main goal is to understand how the sharks recovered after being caught and tagged, and then how they utilize the waters along the south shore of Long Island.” The research is available on the SoFo website at Metzger is also a teacher at Southampton High School.

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