Yes Way, Rosé

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As the saying goes, it’s best not to mess with the classics, and for the diehard rosé loyalists who know where the craze first started, there’s always Wölffer Estate Vineyards’ coveted “Summer in a Bottle.” With its affordable price point and head-turning packaging, it’s the bottle that started the trend and built the rosé empire we know today.

Now, for those looking to rethink the usual, there are a host of new options that have recently entered the market. There’s The Drop, which recently launched a re-sealable can of its signature light blend, perfect for the beach, and Out East, which hails from Provence and offers a fruit-forward and crisp flavor.

But for the true entertainer, there’s WINC. While its “Summer Water” often comes alongside a waiting list toward the end of the swilling season, this summer it’s added a three-month subscription service that ensures you and your legions of house guests remain fully stocked. June and August include three limited edition magnums (the equivalent of six bottles per month), while the height of the season, July, is met with a 24-pack of hand-held summer water “droplets” on your doorstep. The price for it all? A cool $350.

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