Catch of the Day on Pappa Al Pomodoro

Chef Massimo Sola.


Chef Massimo Sola at Dopo La Spiaggia


Instagram: @dopolaspiaggia

Chef Sola’s Guest-Worthy Recipe: Catch of the Day on Pappa Al Pomodoro


“This is a traditional summer dish in the regions of Tuscany and Liguria. An authentic ‘pappa al pomodoro’ is the perfect match for a wild local fish, burned on its skin and then slowly cooked into a fish stock for a few minutes to concentrate all the flavors. Simple but delicious, and easy to make for an unexpected guest or a crowd.”


6 oz wild local fish fillet, skin on

Two mature plum tomatoes

1 shallot

Extra virgin olive oil

4 oz old bread

Salt and pepper


Slowly stew the onion into olive oil. Add the diced tomatoes and the bread. Continue till the tomatoes are melting. Add salt and pepper.

Strain through a vegetable mill and season with extra virgin olive oil. Put the completed dish into the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and reheat as needed.

Put a pan on the burner, and when very hot, add some olive oil and the fish skin side down.

When roasted to a brown color, turn the fish over, add some water and olive oil, and continue cooking. Seven minutes will be enough.

Put the reheated pappa al pomodoro on the bottom of a plate and the roasted fish on top. Finish with some microgreens.

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