Robert Downey Jr. Encounters Teen Choice Awards Panda in Amagansett

Of all the interesting characters Iron Man and Thor have ever faced, none were as unpredictable as Choicey The Panda, the Teen Choice Awards mascot. On August 12, Fox released a video of East Hamptonite Robert Downey Jr. receiving the award for Choice Action Movie Actor from Choicey, immediately after confronting him for flying in illegal air space.

The video starts with Downey walking down the steps of the Amagansett U.S. Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station as Choicey flies by wearing Iron Man-esque rocket boots. Downey scolds him saying, “Man, you can’t be flying here. It’s a historical landmark.” The Panda lands forcefully, clutching the surfboard shaped award and glaring at him. The two lock eyes as the Avengers star runs toward him yelling, “Dude, I’m not kidding!”

The Panda then presents the award, cutting off his objections. “Oh, what an honor,” Downey relents before planting the surfboard upside down in the sand. He then offers a game of Frisbee, advising Choicey to “go long…When you get to Fire Island, hang a left.”

Downey then turns to the camera to gush what an honor this is, saying, “It’s probably the most significant achievement of my career.” The video ends with the Marvel star hurling the Frisbee and walking back into the Guard Station singing Journey’s “Girl Can’t Help It.”

This funny bit was filmed at the actual Amagansett U.S. Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station, built in 1902. In 2007, the East Hampton Town Board designated the station a historic landmark, and The Amagansett U.S. Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station Society began restoring it to its original design.

Discontent with only meeting one Avenger, The Panda gets a hold of Chris Hemsworth in a second video. As a thank you for honoring him with the award for Choice Sci-Fi Movie Actor, Hemsworth promises to share some juicy spoilers for the next Avengers film. As he begins to disclose Thor’s new weapon and the movie’s title, the video cuts out, leaving Choicey (and the rest of us) to wonder. Watch the clip below.

The surfboard awards have been a staple of the Teen Choice Awards since their inception in 1999. Each one is a genuine surfboard, with a new, unique design or colorful pattern every year. The surfboard is meant to represent the freedom of summer vacation for teens. The 2018 awards ceremony took place on Sunday, August 12.

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