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Fenelon Landscapes has worked on the East End for 15 years now. Yvonne and Andrew Fenelon personally oversee each and every job and support the local community. The company has participated in Dan’s GrillHampton presented by NY Prime Beef, Dan’s Taste of Two Forks presented by Farrell Building Company, Dan’s Corona MonTaco at Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club, Taste at Port Jefferson, the Our Lady of the Hamptons parade, and have sponsored the Debajo De Las Palmas annual picnic, which benefits daily essentials for children and families.

Andrew and Yvonne Fenelon offer advice on fall landscaping, how to get rid of pesky ticks and more.

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Photo: Fenelon Landscapes

What services is Fenelon Landscapes most known for?
At Fenelon Landscapes we specialize in individual property care. We believe that landscape and gardening should complement your architecture. What sets us apart is at Fenelon Landscapes we evaluate the architecture first and then base our design decisions around that because we feel that architecture and landscaping are one.

What is the company’s specialty?
Fenelon Landscapes is known primarily for landscape design. Designing for the Hamptons’ diverse architecture, and the discerning clientele sets us apart. Hamptons landscaping projects run into many challenges that only a seasoned landscapes professional will have extensive knowledge about.

How is working on landscaping in the Hamptons different from working elsewhere?
Fenelon Landscapes is blessed to work in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The Hamptons landscape presents many challenges, from planting plant material on a beach-front home that can withstand the harsh Long Island winters to planting deer resistant plants, to estate planting that covers many acres, as well as designing a landscape for a newly constructed home.

What are some common fall landscaping projects?
With fall weather approaching, the projects that homeowners should be scheduling include lawn renovations, core aerations and over-seeding which will introduce new seed life to your lawn in the spring; installing new plant material; and transplanting existing plant material to a more desired location.

Fenelon Landscapes property trees and lawn
Photo: Fenelon Landscapes

How can a homeowner improve/maintain their home’s landscape in the cooler weather?
Fertilize your plants and shrubs for the winter. Cut back your trees and perennials for next spring. Burlap your boxwoods. Spray anti-desiccant spray to protect your evergreen foliage from becoming winter burnt from ice and snow.

How important is lawn care during the fall months?
Lawn care in the fall is paramount for having a lush green spring lawn. Spraying your lawn for nutsedge, crabgrass and broadleaf weeds are applications that should be done before the winter.

What are some landscaping steps a homeowner can take regarding deer and tick prevention?
There are three simple steps: 1. Planting of deer resistant plants. 2. Use deer resistant fencing to ensure the safety of your plants. 3. Spraying your plants. For ticks, we use organic specialized solutions that adhere to the grass, which then in turn suffocate the ticks.

What are some common mistakes people make when working on their home’s landscape during the fall?
Not aerating and over-seeding the property, not spraying the property, not using the proper pruning techniques and over-watering (forgetting to scale back on your watering schedule for the fall and causing plants to sustain root rot).

In your opinion, what is the most overlooked aspect of landscaping that shouldn’t be ignored?
Soil condition—you need to have the proper balance of soil and sand for the proper drainage and plant growth. In conjunction, having a landscaping company that is knowledgeable in all areas of planting. Each plant and plant material has a different desired pH level, for proper growth and flourishment, that needs to be maintained.

For more on Fenelon Landscapes, visit fenelonlandscapes.net.

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