Jimmy Buffett’s Week Involved Weed Start-Ups and Hurricane Surfing

Jimmy Buffett in 2018
Jimmy Buffett in 2018, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

North Haven resident Jimmy Buffett has been quite busy this week. The super chill beach-lover signed on as a partner of a weed start-up on Tuesday, September 11. Two days later, the “Margaritaville” composer was seen holding a longboard…on the South Carolina coastline!

According to The Wall Street Journal, Buffett will license his Coral Reefer brand to Surterra Holdings Inc. for a line of cannabis products including vape pens, gel caps, edibles and lotions. Over the past three years Surterra has raised more than $100 million. The Wall Street Journal reports that the musician was approached by several marijuana companies but decided to team up with Surterra due to its focus on medical use and wellness.

The Coral Reefer marijuana products will become available at Surterra stores in Florida next spring. The products will be marketed for improving appetite and mood, pain relief and alleviating symptoms from chemotherapy. Buffett himself will receive royalties, but not a stake in the startup.

In other “Buffett is cooler than you” news, nothing can keep the the leader of the parrotheads from a choice surfing opportunity, not even the impending Hurricane Florence. On September 13, Buffett shared a photo from Sarah Bella Slagsvol‘s Instagram story of himself and Whit Slagsvol standing on the sands of Folly Beach, South Carolina, holding sand-covered longboards with the caption “That hurricane swell” displayed across their legs.

In the photo, Buffett’s throwing a “hang loose” hand gesture, known as a shaka. He wrote in the description, “I ain’t afraid of dying—I got no need to explain—I feel like going surfing in a hurricane.” These are lyrics to his 2009 song “Surfing in a Hurricane.” While he certainly lives what he sings, he adds a note of caution to his post, “On a serious note—respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities.” According to The New York Post, later that evening Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin closed the bridge leading to the barrier island, where an evacuation order had been issued on Monday.

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