Julianne Moore Speaks About Gender Parity and #MeToo in New Video

Montauk homeowner and Academy Award winner Julianne Moore talks about the #MeToo movement, women and gender parity in Hollywood and shares her own experience in a new video from Net-a-Porter.

“I feel like there have been amazing changes in this past year,” Moore says, noting that women have begun turning to each other in Hollywood and other communities. “We can affect change together,” she adds, pointing out that she changed her representation in her agency so her team could include more women. “That’s made a world of difference for me,” Moore says.

She goes on to comment on the accusations against James Toback‘s, explaining how she came out on Twitter in support of the 38 women who accused him last fall, because she, too, had an experience with the screenwriter and director. “There was this huge blowback…immediately people said, ‘Oh, that didn’t happen.'”

But Moore shares about Toback, “He approached me twice on Columbus Avenue in the eighties, and I said, no I didn’t want to audition in his apartment, and two months later he approached me with the same language.” She felt compelled to jump on Twitter and share in order to support his accusers.

She goes on to explain that more diversity and gender parity creates a safer environment for everyone. “Hollywood acted really swiftly in many cases and changed the dynamic.”

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