Kyle MacLachlan Comes Out as Gay Dad in ‘Giant Little Ones’

East Ender Kyle MacLachlan plays Ray Winter, the father of a teenage boy navigating high school and identity in his latest movie, Giant Little Ones, released September 9. The new film from Canadian director Keith Behrman premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and was chosen by the TIFF Next Wave Committee.

Giant Little Ones follows Franky, played by Josh Wiggins (Max, Mean Dreams), bearing the baggage of high school, expectations, self-discovery and adolescence. Adding to all that, his father, MacLachlan, leaves their family for a man.

The film focuses on the lifelong friendship between Franky and Ballas Kohl, played by Darren Mann (Let the Right One In). The two appear to be on top of the social food-chain until Franky’s wild birthday party.

An unexpected sexual encounter ensues…between Franky, Ballas and Franky’s girlfriend. Now, rumors about Franky’s sexuality are threatening to not only knock him off his popularity throne, but also tear his friendship with Ballas apart.

Franky’s father attempts to help his son understand himself and the danger of labels. In the trailer above, Ray tells his son in a car, “You know I have a pretty good idea of what you’re going through. We both had friends turn against us.”

According to, the film was inspired by a conversation between Behrman and a friend about an event in Canada’s history. “About five years ago,” Behrman explains, “kind of in a month, there were about three or four kids who committed suicide because they were being harassed at school for being gay, or being perceived as gay.”

Behrman’s friend suggested they make a film about it, but Behrman wasn’t on board—until he had a dream that night about a boy having a conversation with his mother in the kitchen. From there, the script evolved, from suicide to self-love.

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