Peter Dinklage Plays Last Man Alive in “I Think We’re Alone Now” Trailer

In the upcoming film, I Think We’re Alone Now, Hamptons regular Peter Dinklage is literally the last man on earth. Check out the trailer above.

Dinklage plays Del, a man who lives in an abandoned library after an apocalyptic event wipes out the rest of the human race. Del spends his solitary life in a small town, methodically checking house to house, scavenging whatever useful objects he can find and taking the time to bury the dead. There’s a sense of contentment in his solitude…until he encounters a stranger named Grace, played by Elle Fanning. The trailer shows nothing about where she came from or what she wants, but Grace is heard bringing up the subject in a way where Del—as well as the viewer—may not want to find out.

I Think We’re Alone Now, was awarded a Dolby Family Sound Fellowship. This fellowship provides full use of post-production resources to help directors bring their vision to life. The Director of Dolby Institute, Glenn Kiser said, “[We] work to enable independent filmmakers to have access to premium audio technology.”

Director Reed Morano talked about how Dolby brought the film to where he wanted it to be. Morano said, “Mixing our film in Dolby Atmos gave us enormous opportunities to surround the audience in an atmospheric world where they can feel what is no longer there. It also helped us to send subliminal emotional cues throughout the film…Dolby made it possible for us to create what I was hearing in my head.” According to Cinema Blend, this will be Morano’s first feature film as a director. She has previously directed episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale.

I Think We’re Alone Now releases in select NYC and LA theaters on September 14 and in select theaters nationwide and on demand on September 21.

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