Chrysalis Holistic Healing

A new healing center has opened its doors and hearts in Cutchogue. Chrysalis, named after the transitional state before a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly, celebrates the conclusion of a weeklong grand opening, October 31, with Ethos Rising Holistic Clinic from 2 to 6 PM followed by Somatic Yoga 6:30 to 8 PM.

I arrived on a cool evening as Emily McDonald, founder of Chrysalis, and native to the Cutchogue area, was mixing up tea from the herbal wall. Anise hyssop, yarrow mullein, calendula, and rosemary with local honey. We sipped and discussed the ways the quaint, inviting space around us would potentially change lives.

“Nature holds answers and shows us patterns that we have inside,” McDonald said, noting Chrysalis offers medical consulting, herbal and vibrational healing, reiki and energy healing, meditation, yoga, and astrology. The center will host seasonal programming including workshops and special events led by other local, community members. McDonald continued, “We’re honoring that this is a community space. Not everybody is going to align the way we see it but it gives everyone a chance to express themselves.”

Chrysalis’s mission is to help clients work through life hardships and internal battles in an effective way that allows individuals to repair and understand cycles through holistic practices. McDonald began utilizing holistic practices after having gone to medical school at Swarthmore College and working alongside doctors at Cornell University in NYC practicing clinical cancer research. It was upon seeing the way pharmaceutical companies operated, pushing dosages and numbers, that McDonald wanted to focus more on the individual and helping others’ quality of life one-on-one. Essentially, she takes her scientific, medical background, adds in anatomy and physiology, and concludes with energy and intuition for an overall, well rounded view at life ailments — physical, spiritual, and mental.

Chrysalis strives to be a collaborate space. Regardless of education or certification, community members are invited to be a part of this new endeavor, as a teacher or student, as long as their hearts are on the path to help themselves and others around them. Recognizing that no two paths are the same, each unique experience has the opportunity to help others. If you have a story to tell or a lesson to teach, you are welcome to express yourself at the Cutchogue healing center.

“By the people, for the people so we can heal,” Chrysalis promises to keep an open door and open mind, a center for acceptance. McDonald asserts all services will be affordable, as the center is on its way to becoming a non-profit organization.

It is located at 28080 Main Road in Cutchogue. Visit


[email protected]

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