The Craft Of Wizardry

Cain Belkin, Grade 2, Westhampton Beach Elementary School
Cain Belkin, Grade 2, Westhampton Beach Elementary School

Nicamort had a bad feeling on the Halloween Spooky Walk. His best friend, Faldamort, and he were walking in the woods after sunset. The moon already showed the face of Kildamort, Nicamort’s scary brother. Kildamort had a half-bloody face and white hair that stuck up a thousand feet high, linking him to the stars.

Nicamort and Faldamort noticed the skeletons on the walk. Usually these are just kids dressed up to be scary, but these ones seemed different. They had bloody eyeballs, squished out fingers, and moved differently. Suddenly, there were lots of them — at least 5,000. They all turned their heads at the same time. They jumped out and picked up all the people and Nicamort by their shirts and started flying away with them. Nicomort knew it was his brother’s spell. Faldamort was in the bathroom so he was ok.

When he got out, he knew it would be up to him to save the day.

First he went up the highest mountain of the world to find a pet – he got a flying dragon. The beast was all red. On its back, he swooped down. In the dark night, he saw the skeletons flying with the people and Nicamort. He was trying to reach but he couldn’t. Then he figured an idea. And his idea was to jump off the dragon and then make the dragon catch him so he could reach.

His dragon breathed fire on the skeleton carrying his friend and using magic he saved him from falling. Now the two wizards, best bros, had the save the people.

But people can’t fly and they were high up.

They did spells to make a huge magic trampoline about 100 feet below the skeletons. That would catch the people. Then they used their wands to zap the evil skeletons. When the skeletons landed, they just turned into smoke. When the people fell into the trampolines, they were safe.

Kildamort only had powers on Halloween. When the sun rose, the magical friends knew everyone was safe for another year.

Then everyone ate candy.

By Jack McCormick
Grade 2, East Moriches Elementary School

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