Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Offer Double Date and Tips to Success

East Hampton power couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have found great success in everything they do—from acting to cooking. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, they shared some helpful tips on how they found success and continue to succeed, and how you can too. Not only that, you can listen to their pearls of wisdom in person by winning a special contest running through January 2019.

In the Entrepreneur video, published on November 8, Harris opens by saying how important it is to pursue something that you’re passionate, but warns that setting lofty goals too soon can be a recipe for frustration. When asked how they stay motivated, Harris says cardio is his go-to, adding, “I’m an elliptical man.” Burtka prefers transcendental meditation, the simple act of sitting down and closing one’s eyes for 20 minutes, twice a day.

Harris always keeps in mind that, “[Success] doesn’t have to be dictated on how much you’re making; success can be dictated on how much you’re doing.” So if you’re doing something you love, you should be content with that, even if it isn’t likely to make you a millionaire any time soon.

If networking is an obstacle for you, Burtka would advise that you get the other person talking about themselves, which is something most career people are more than happy to do. Harris also points out that you don’t have to be the only one conversing; try to facilitate conversations between others as well. When asked how to keep a clear head, Harris strongly advises compartmentalization, a coping strategy that essentially pauses the thoughts and stress associated with one activity to focus on another (i.e. not thinking about work when spending time with family).


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Instagram: Up for a double date with David and me? And not just any double date… we’re going to the Central Park Zoo! For your chance to join us, support the Wildlife Conservation Society and ENTER NOW at

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For even more secrets to success, why not pick their brains in person? The couple are offering one lucky winner and their guest the opportunity to go on a double date with them at Central Park Zoo. The four of you will explore the zoo, chat over lunch and take lots of selfies. Plane tickets, a night in a four-star hotel and a sweet gift bag are also included in the victor’s spoils.

So how do you win? Same way you win fellow Hamptonite Paul McCartney’s contest, by donated money to a good cause through fundraising site Omaze. For this one, you’ll be helping the Wildlife Conservation Society in their efforts to protect wildlife in nearly 60 countries and educate zoo-goers on how they can do their part. The more money you donate, the more entries will be placed in your name, increasing your chance to win this legendary dream date.

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