Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Carol Luz Paints Sag Harbor for the Holidays

December 21, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Carol Luz
December 21, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Carol Luz

This week’s adorable holiday cover, set at the Sag Harbor Long Wharf windmill, by Carol Luz sparked some key questions. All of the animals depicted were unavailable for comment, according to their various public relations reps, but Luz was able to fill us in.

Carol Luz with her famous dogs Judy and Elroy
Carol Luz with her famous dogs Judy and Elroy

What’s the name of this work and did it have a particular inspiration?
Max & Lucy were the inspiration for this piece, “Max & Lucy 2018 Winter Concert.” They have a house in Sag Harbor and like to perform during the holidays. The windmill seemed like the perfect spot to have a winter concert.

What song and dance number are they performing?
“Jingle Bell Hop”

Which of these animals’ names are known to you, which ones are your friends?
They are all friends. Max and Lucy are the main singers. The backup squirrel singers are Poppy and Nibbles. Buggles is playing the horn. Nutty is on cymbals. Car Bomber and Fry Stealer are the singing seagulls. The group of skunks is known as the Stinkers. And finally, Hooveski the Reindeer.

What are the primary advantages of being covered with fur or feathers in Sag Harbor in the wintertime?
The most important advantage is that they’re in fashion right now! Fur and feathers were all over the runway this season.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Absolutely! I’m working on teaching my dogs how to cook. If they could just get through the prep work without eating everything…

What’s on your list for Santa this year? (Have you been good, what about these critters?)
Max and Lucy want a vintage blue convertible Mercedes 190SL (and so do I!) Max and Lucy most likely will get the convertible. They have been very good this year…not so sure about me.

What are some of your favorite places to visit in Sag Harbor, or on the East End, this time of year?
I love going to all of the holiday bazaars. It’s fun to buy local crafts, ornaments, and pottery for gifts. And of course, the local wine! I must stop at the wineries!

Where can readers see more of your work?
You can find my work on carolluzart.com, at the Hampton House in Westhampton Beach, and posters from this summer’s art show can still be purchased at the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce. I can be contacted at [email protected].

December 21, 2018 Dan's Papers cover art by Carol Luz
December 21, 2018 Dan’s Papers cover art by Carol Luz

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