Ensouled Hearts: For Spiritual Singles Over 40

Eva Growney, eco-architect, helps build future relationships for spiritual singles over 40. Independent/Richard Lewin

Valentine’s Day. For some, those two words inspire thoughts of flowers, candlelit dinners, and romance. But for those who are not in a relationship, and want to be, February 14 can feel like the loneliest day of the year.

And what if you don’t want to meet someone at a bar, and the online matches just aren’t cutting it? Enter East Hampton architect Eva Growney. Over the course of the past few years, interacting with her clients, friends, and the people with whom she works with on various boards and committees, Growney came to realize that singles over 40 — and especially those who are seeking to connect to a higher level of consciousness — are an underserved community on the East End.

And so, Ensouled Hearts was born. “I began this journey some time ago,” Growney said. Through the website Meetup.com, Growney has held half a dozen events, and has one coming up this Valentine’s Day, February 14, at The Spur in Southampton at 6 PM.

“My offering is to serve the public, namely spiritual singles over 40,” said Growney, who seems eternally cheerful and positive. “This includes educational opportunities of a world-class nature, here in the Hamptons.”

“There are tens of thousands of singles out here who have no place to meet,” she continued. “They don’t want to go to bars. They would like to find others to, at least, make new friends. Their families, if they have any, are too busy to be involved in their lives or are just too far away. They are seeking information and opportunities on how to better themselves. They want improvement courses, not just yoga classes. They feel isolated, and don’t know where or who to turn to. Ensouled Hearts is designed to address their needs in a way no other service has or can.”

Ensouled Hearts events aren’t just a meet-and-greet. “There’s usually a guiding topic presented, sometimes a guest speaker — and I’ve got some top industry leaders in the areas of spirituality, love, and relationships coming out for these,” she said. The talk is usually followed by a meditation, an exchange of ideas, and finally, the mingling one expects from a social get-together.

“When it comes to finding ways to create a new love life that supports who people really are, that allows them to be their best selves, and to embrace a partner who is their best mate, there seems to be almost no options on how to go about achieving that,” said Growney, who has also worked one-on-one with people in the community, guiding them to overcoming their own limiting beliefs.

“I have facilitated several marriages and long-term meaningful relationships. But I don’t consider myself a matchmaker,” she said with a smile. “It’s more about presenting the opportunity to become the person you are, so you can manifest your best self, and embrace your best partner.”

So far, 30 local members have signed up through Meetup.com, although more join every week, and Growney sees her “love child” maturing throughout 2019. “Right now, the globe is engaged in the largest spiritual movement since the time of Jesus Christ,” she said. “My mission, inspired by the source, is to bring our current luminaries to the public and facilitate their spiritual development as they look to find their soulmate. Thus, by creating a community of like-minded people, we will create a way to mingle.”

As far as the event at The Spur, which is located in a warm and inviting brick space next to the Southampton train station on Maple Street, Growney says it’s open to all singles over 40 “who wish to get on with manifesting their soul-mate.” Tickets are $40; for more information about other upcoming Ensouled Hearts events, check Meetup.com for now, although according to Growney, a website is on the way. “I feel so blessed by the couples that I’ve had a part in bringing together,” she said.

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