Glow Water Releases CBD Tea for Health-Conscious Hamptonites

Glow Water CBD Tea, Photo: Courtesy Amy Hammond
Glow Water CBD Tea, Photo: Courtesy Amy Hammond

Since President Donald Trump signed the $867 billion farm bill legalizing hemp in December, Cannabidiol (CBD) products from candy to dog treats to skincare have swept the nation. One such product is made by longtime Hamptons fitness instructor Amy Hammond. Her Sag Harbor–based company, Glow Water, recently released three uniquely healing CBD teas meant to help the mind and body calm, sleep and restore.

As a barre instructor and generally health-minded person, Hammond would often add herbs such as hibiscus and ginger to her pre- and post-workout water to aid in muscle repair and energy boosting. She realized there was a place in the market for her brand of no-gimmick” wellness tea, and in 2017 she debuted her first formula of Glow Water at Bandier Southampton, which was quick to sell out. “They are known for taking risks with up-and-coming brands and being the first to carry ‘the best in the business,’” she says quoting Bandier founder Jennifer Bandier.

In February 2019, Hammond updated the Glow Water formula to include 100% organic, hemp-derived CBD. This change has enabled her new line of teas to provide even more health benefits than previous versions. “CBD is what all insiders in the fitness world are using now. It might not be available at CVS yet, but it is well known that for fighting inflammation in the body, aiding muscle repair and overall balancing the systems,” she explains.

Glow Water founder Amy Hammond, Photo: Courtesy Hammond
Glow Water founder Amy Hammond

Hammond hopes to break the common myth that all CBDs contain considerable amounts of THC, the psychoactive agent found in marijuana that causes hallucinations and paranoia. In fact, the water-soluble, hemp-derived CBD in Glow Water has only trace amounts of THCnowhere near enough to get you high. “I wish more people knew how [CBD] helps with pain, and how its non-addictive benefits can keep you off pain pills. This could help with the huge epidemic we are experiencing with opiate addiction,” she says. “We are not in the business of getting people high.”

Learning about the long list of tested CBD health benefits, including aiding the nervous, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, Hammond decided to create three 100% organic and caffeine-free tea blends that focused on relieving the top three health problems she saw in her clients. “I have a personal connection to people dealing with anxiety, pain and sleep issues,” she explains. “Getting away from conventional cures for the pains of daily life was a strong goal from the beginning.”

Glow Water’s Calm CBD Tea uses a blend of spearmint, rooibos and red rose petals to soothe and quiet anxiety without causing drowsiness. Sleep CBD Tea calls upon the balancing and therapeutic properties of lavender and chamomile to comfort the mind before bedtime and ease insomnia. Restore CBD Tea is the go-to pre- and post-workout blend thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of hibiscus and ginger which aid in the recovery of muscles and acute pain throughout the body. All three CBD Tea blends are available now at and are expected to hit East End retail locations and wellness studios soon.

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