Bringing Books Back

Harbor Books may be gone now from Sag Harbor Main Street, but Taylor Rose Berry is reimagining “a petite world of magic” where books, tea, and herbs coexist, and has a Kickstarter campaign up and running to realize her dream.

“Get lost in a favorite book: a new release or a vintage classic. Savor a soothing cup of tea or a cup of specialty coffee. Delve into the healing world of herbs, including CBD. Encounter unique and bewitching gifts you never knew you needed but suddenly cannot live without,” reads the website,

“The next chapter for Harbor Books” Kickstarter page has already raised almost half of the $25,000 Berry needs to reopen at a new location in the same village, at 51 Division Street.

“I am truly beyond excited to welcome everyone into the new space,” Berry told The Independent. “I was hesitant to take a space off Main Street, but when I saw the cathedral ceilings and the incredible light and the deck, I knew we could make the space a destination and our new home. The next chapter for us is going to be magical and I’ve always said that the store felt like it belonged to the community.”

The Kickstarter, Berry said, is to give the new store “a running start.” Those who donate get specialty thank-you items according to the level of support including books (of course), sweatshirts, and baskets of treats. “We plan on opening in May before the season kicks off,” Berry said, “and we hope to see friends, old and new.”

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