Crew Rescued From Capsizing Boat

Coast Guard Boat

Coast Guard rescue boats from the Montauk and New London stations saved two commercial fishermen out of Hampton Bays near Fisher’s Island Sunday morning, March 10.

According to the Coast Guard, a 55-foot commercial fishing vessel began to take on water in one of its fish holds, and the fishermen issued a distress call at about 7:30 AM. The crew and boat were not identified by the Coast Guard. The vessel was in eight to 10-foot seas about 15 to 18 miles north-northwest of Montauk when the distress signal was sent out, the Coast Guard said.

Montauk Station dispatched a 47-foot rescue motor boat, while New London sent out a 45-foot response boat medium. The Montauk boat got there first. The two crewmen were in survival suits. When the New London boat arrived, the Montauk boat returned to base.

The distressed vessel’s crew was given a pump, but could not keep up with the incoming water, and abandoned ship about two hours after the initial mayday call. The crew was rescued, just a minute before the vessel capsized, sinking into the Long Island Sound. Both crewmen “had no medical concerns,” the Coast Guard said.

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