The Scoop On Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream

Amy O’Donnell may be well-known around Sag Harbor; after all, she’s been a shareholder at Geekhampton for almost a dozen years “before there was a Geekhampton,” she said.

         But her son, Sean O’Donnell, is huge. His @theseanodonnell Instagram account has over a million followers.

Amy and Sean O’Donnell.

         And now the mother and son duo are taking over and rebranding Joe & Liza’s Ice Cream — a Sag Harbor business opened by Joe and Liza Tremblay in 2012 a few years after their restaurant Bay Burger — but keeping the product as fresh, locally-sourced, and preservative-free as their predecessors did.

         “I love the community,” Amy O’Donnell said. “I moved here from the North Fork four years ago.” Her children were all raised in the Southold area.

         But computers to rich and creamy? “It’s a big leap,” she acknowledged. But when she heard Bay Burger was for sale, “All of us at Geekhampton were like, ‘Oh my god, what’s going to happen to the ice cream?’” The ice cream business is separate from the Bay Burger restaurant.

         She talked to Liza Tremblay, “thought about it for a couple of minutes,” and after a discussion with her husband, Tony Marr, and her kids, she took the aforementioned leap.

         For now, and probably through the summer, the name and everything about the product will stay the same, with a tweak or new flavor here or there. “We have a lot of people asking for a CBD mint chip,” she said with a smile. The ice cream is offered on both forks and it’s very popular. “Balsam Farms goes through 200 ice cream sandwiches a week in the summer,” O’Donnell said.

         They are looking “to work with all the local farms,” she said.

         But with a partner and child who is an international influencer, things are bound to shift. “Joe and Liza Tremblay built this incredible business,” O’Donnell said. “Sean and I are looking forward to continuing what they started and growing as well.”

         For now, information can still be found at


[email protected]

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