Principal Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

A picture purported to be the accused was provided by the alleged victim's attorney.

Rumors swirled when the Riverhead School District abruptly announced high school principal Dr. Charles Regan, 48, has been “administratively reassigned by the district pending an investigation into a personnel matter,” on its website April 30. The other shoe dropped a few days later: an 18 year-old student accused him of sexual assault.

John Ray, a Miller Place attorney, said the student, now his client, came to him on April 30 with the allegations. She is identified in court papers as Anastasia Stapon. Her parents had gone to the police a day earlier, to no avail, Ray alleged. That’s why, he said in an interview with The Independent on Tuesday, May 7, he took action. He is suing the parties involved for $10 million.

“There are thousands of emails in the last month. There are death threats. There’s all kinds of sickness,” Ray alleged. He said police did not even read the missives.

Ray released a number of what he called  “offensive photos and texts” that Regan purportedly exchanged with the student to the public at a press conference he convened earlier that day. Ray also claimed a similar incident has happened before and that local police “refuse to act.” The victim was in attendance. Regan was accused of “predatory” behavior and “gross sexual misconduct.” Ray said Regan is married and has two children.

“There’s a lot of evidence to go through,” Riverhead Police Chief David Hagermiller said. “Right now it’s two consenting adults. We are going to do all we can.” School officials said via a written statement they are refrained by law from making any further comments about the matter while the investigation is underway.

In the interim, Assistant Principal Sean O’Hara will serve as acting principal.

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