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Sushi lovers in Montauk have a pit stop destination by the beach this year: Naturally Good Sushi.

Lauren Katz and Andrea Mavro have been a team since junior high school, according to Mavro’s mom, Delores Mavro, who describes herself as the “helper” at the store/restaurant at 38 South Etna Avenue.

The duo took over the already popular Naturally Good in 2009 at the South Etna Avenue location. Growing the business, five years later, they moved to Montauk Main Street, and are now more popular than ever. But what to do with the original location?

At first, they made it a grab-and-go extension of the main store. Then they ran it as Hoodoo’s Organic Burgers and Milkshakes.

Andrea Mavro explained the genesis of Naturally Good Sushi. “It’s an idea that came out of the blue,” she said. She said that she had a group of summer staff living upstairs at her house. “Every Sunday we would go out for sushi.” She asked herself, why not go the natural, organic route with sushi? While Katz is the visible face at Naturally Good on Main Street, Mavro is taking on that role on South Etna Avenue, alongside another team member, Jonathan Schacter.

She brought in two Chinese chefs from Manhattan. “It has challenge for them working with all the organic ingredients. It is something they were not used to. We also make all the sauces here, and use local, organic vegetables, when available.”

“In the selection of vegan rolls, we try to expand the options, to make things interesting for vegans and vegetarians,” added Mavro.

Mavro said it was challenging to find ingredients that met its naturally good goal. For example, the Kami crab stick is a staple in most California rolls. “What we found originally had MSG and coloring in them. The day before we opened I found a Kami crab stick that was natural.” It consisted of mostly fresh fish, without the artificial filler normally found in Kami sticks, she said.

And, of course, there is the fresh fish coming from Gosman’s. “Really beautiful fluke. Scallops. Those two have been awesome,” Mavro said.

Longtime customers of Naturally Good will once again be able to sit down in the hedge-enclosed dining garden, festooned with fresh growing herbs, on the eastern side of the restaurant.

Some specialties include a Sweet Potato & Pink Lady Apple Roll, with avocado and vegan wasabi mayo; The End Roll, with salmon, avocado, tuna, wasabi tobiko, and wasabi mayo; and the eponymous Naturally Good Roll, with roasted red pepper, carrot, avocado, pea shoot, scallion, and orange-chili sauce, in a dehydrated coconut nori wrapper.

The store also carries Montauk beer and sparkling cider from Wölffer’s Estate, and will soon be carrying sake. To learn more, visit

[email protected]

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