60 Summers Throwback: Babysitters Unite! Dan’s Helps Diners in 1967

Babysitter phone

This ad originally appeared in the July 16, 1967 edition of the Montauk Pioneer as a public service to our readers.

All these fine people can’t possibly go out to all the restaurants in our Dining Guide, they can’t possibly go out to all the nightspots unless they get YOU, yes YOU, to take care of the kids. For heaven sakes, babysitters, send your name and telephone in to this newspaper TODAY, and we promise that faithfully for the rest of the summer we will list your name and phone number here in our pages and you will gel between 20 and 30 babysitter calls a week that will drive your family crazy.

Send the following coupon to The Montauk Pioneer, Box 266, Montauk: I am a babysitter and I’d like a free listing in your newspaper, My name My phone number

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