Equine Therapy For Children

Dr. Susan Edwards
Dr. Susan Edwards.

One of the emerging fields in child ecology and the psychological treatment of child trauma involves horse therapy, and this year at The Hampton Classic, one of those programs will be highlighted. On Thursday, August 29, from 10 AM to 4 PM, Team Velvet will present an informational event in the Jumper 2 tent to share with the public some of the recent developments in the field.

On site will be Dr. Susan Edwards, psychologist/director and Dr. Kathy Piparo, secretary of the board, representing the child trauma all-volunteer program Team Velvet, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Flemington, NJ which provides custom treatment of child trauma for children ages five to 12.

“Each day, there is a child who experiences the death of a loved one, witnesses violence, is victimized by crime or intense bullying, is disfigured by an accident, or other countless events — all resulting in severe childhood trauma,” said Edwards. “In the extreme, child trauma may cause flashbacks, blackouts, or may make a child want to die. Team Velvet Inc. provides a unique service to help.”

Edwards and Piparo will be on site at The Hampton Classic in search of a program benefactor to aid in expanding and sustaining this unique equine mental health approach to treatment. They are also in the initial stages of establishing a Helping Horse Network in which other psychologists helping youngsters can partner with equine professionals to expand nonmounted equine mental health therapy for children. For more info, visit www.teamvelvet.com.

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