Gosman’s Dock Sold? Nope, Still Fishing

T. E. McMorrow
The Culloden House Motel, along with the adjacent Soundviewer Motel, was sold by the Gosman family to a potential buyer of the entire complex.

Reports of the imminent sale of the Gosman’s Dock complex in Montauk are premature, according to two sources familiar with the negotiationsbetween the Gosman family and the potential new owner, Merkourios Angeliades, a Long Island City-based construction contractor.

The two sources, both of whom asked not to be identified, said that, while it is true that the two sides had been working on a deal for the site for almost two years, talks are currently at a standstill. The recent sale of two adjacent motels at the northwest corner of West Lake and Soundview Drives by the Gosman family to Angeliades is a separate transaction not related to negotiations involving the massive complex that includes Gosman’s Dock, Gosman’s Restaurant, Gosman’s Wholesale Fish Market, and Gosman’s Retail, as well as the numerous shops on the site.

The two motels Angeliades purchased are the Culloden House motel, a 31,000-square-foot site at the corner of West Lake and Soundview Drives, and the adjacent HMS Culloden Soundviewer motel on Soundview Drive, a 17,000-square-foot property. The two sold for a combined $6.8 million in December of last year. Since both properties have the same use, under zoning, they could be used together, as one operation, as Bridgeton Holdings did after they purchased two moribund motel properties on Montauk Highway in East Hampton, and combined them under the name Journey East.

It appears, from East Hampton Building Department records, that the Soundviewer site completely predates zoning, with its current certificate of occupancy dated 1964. Culloden House has a certificate of occupancy dated 2017, seems to indicate there are 16 units on the property, including a coffee shop, and a 1116-square-foot wood deck.

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