Grand Larceny Charged In Sag Harbor

A purse snatching at Murf’s Tavern around midnight Sunday, August 25, netted the alleged thief $5000 and an arrest on a felony charge of grand larceny. According to the Sag Harbor Village Police Department, the victim was at Murf’s when she put her black bandolier-style purse on the bar. The victim told police that she continued talking with her companions, standing a little bit away from the purse, when suddenly a man knocked a barstool down near where she had left it, and ran out of the bar.

The victim asked the bartender if he had seen her purse, which was now gone. He told her he had not, and the police were called. The victim said that, aside from the normal contents of a purse, such as keys, glasses, ID, and a phone, the bag also held $5000 cash. Police accessed the security video at Murf’s, which showed a suspect grabbing the purse and leaving the bar.

An officer canvassed the area, and came across Nikita Bykov, 32, of Brooklyn, at the 7-Eleven on nearby Long Island Avenue. He was positively identified by the woman and bartender. What happened to the purse or the money is not clear from the report.

Bail was set at $500 during Bykov’s arraignment the next morning, which was posted.

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