Luxury Car Owners Beware


There certainly is a large selection to choose from.

The Southampton Town Police Department is warning high-end luxury vehicles are being targeted, perhaps by a theft ring. Detectives have been investigating the issue. Over the past few months, area residents from Bridgehampton to Westhampton have reported their vehicles stolen in the overnight hours. The targeted vehicles have primarily been Mercedes and Range Rovers.

Police urge car owners to take extra precautions. Lock all doors and set alarms on vehicles; park the vehicle near motion detectors and/or video surveillance; park the vehicle in a locked garage if possible; remove all key fobs (including any hidden keys); and remove all valuables from sight. Make sure you have all passwords available for OnStar.

Call the police immediately if you find your vehicle missing. If anyone has had their vehicles tampered with during overnight hours and have video surveillance, contact the Southampton Town Police Department.

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