You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room: ‘More Tales from the High Seas with Pat Mundus’ Is Almost Booked

Pat Mundus, East End Charters
Pat Mundus, East End Charters

In 1986, a Montauk fisherman by the name of Frank Mundus caught a famously massive shark 30 miles southeast of Montauk. It weighed in at 3,427 pounds, and would have been the largest ever caught using a rod and reel had a stipulation regarding capture method from the International Game Fish Association not excluded it from the title.

Frank Mundus and his crew pose with the monster great white shark
Frank Mundus and his crew pose with a monster shark

More than a decade after his death in 2008, the man who inspired the Quint character in Steven Spielberg‘s 1975 classic Jaws remains a local and national legend. Now, his daughter, Pat Mundus, a fellow captain and Montauk native, will share her own stories of the sea at the Rogers Memorial Library and Southampton History Museum. The talk, More Tales from the High Seas with Pat Mundus, begins tonight at 5:30 p.m., and online registration is filling up fast.

Though her time on the water surely began sometime around her first steps, Pat Mundus’s maritime career began as a dock-rat. She rose through the ranks to become a deck officer on an oil tanker, earning her captain’s license along the way.

Over the years, Mundus has found herself on luxurious European yachts, canal barges across the pond, work boats in Indonesia and sailing racing boats in the Bahamas. More recently, she has returned to familiar waters, working as her father did, as a charter boat captain.

For one hour, she will share stories of her life and travels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear of Mundus’s fascinating life at sea. You can also catch Pat Mundus captaining for East End Charters, aboard the boat of your choice. Their fleet includes something for everybody, from lobster yachts to schooners upwards of 70 feet.

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