Hamptons Police Dept. Begins ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Training Sessions

Hamptons Police watch Law & Order: SVU
Hamptons Police watch Law & Order: SVU, Photo: veresproduction/123RF

The Hamptons Police Department’s Office of Professional Education is gathering all detectives and forensics personnel for their mandatory viewing of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 21 premiere on Thursday night. As per department requirements over the last 20 years, both squads must take notes and log overtime to watch, but pizza and soda will be provided.

And, once again, an open invitation was sent to East Hampton’s Mariska Hargitay—who plays detective Olivia Benson—asking her to join the viewing party and answer questions about special victims, police procedure and the hard work of special law enforcement in the big city. For the 20th time, Hargitay did not respond, at least not yet.

“Our detectives and lab nerds have gained so much knowledge about how to succeed at their jobs, especially when it comes to special victims and crimes,” Hamptons Police Department spokesman Larry Hirsch said early this week, adding, “But, as usual, we’re holding out hope that Olivia—I mean Mariska—may make a last-minute, super-Instagramable appearance, which would delight our team and all of her, and our, social media followers. She could enjoy a truly viral moment, but I guess our little police department doesn’t make the grade.”

Following the SVU premiere, Hamptons PD detectives and forensics personnel will be allowed to watch the remainder of Season 21 from the comfort of their homes. All will, however, be required to take notes and show them to their supervisors.

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