Accidents Lead To DWI Charges

Police car on the street

East Hampton Town police made several arrests on misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charges this past week.

A Springs woman was charged by police after allegedly striking a pedestrian on Three Mile Harbor Road early Sunday morning. Leydi Tubatan, 35, was driving a 2013 Toyota sedan when she struck another Springs resident, Edwar Correcha-Calderon, police said, near the 324 Club September 29.

When friends leaving the club found Correcha-Calderon, he told them he had been struck by a car, which had pulled up ahead of the group. They approached the car and a physical altercation allegedly broke out between them and Tubatan, whom they told an officer they were trying to hold until police arrived. Tubatan was struck in the face.

Complaining of back pain, Correcha-Calderon was taken to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital after police arrived, where he was treated and released.

After allegedly failing roadside sobriety tests, Tubatan was arrested on a drunken driving charge. The Toyota she was driving was impounded by police.

At her arraignment Monday morning she was notified that her license would be suspended for a year for refusing a breath test at police headquarters. A longtime resident of the town, she was released without bail.

Ryan Fagerland, 32, of Amagansett, was also arrested on a DWI charge this past week after an accident. He was driving a 2005 Mini Cooper Sunday at around sunset, and as he was shifting gears, reportedly told police he lost control of the car on Abrahams Landing Road near Bendigo Road, veered into the oncoming lane of traffic, and crashed head-on into a 2014 GMC being driven by a Manhattan woman. There were no serious injuries reported, though both cars sustained extensive front-end

At police headquarters, a breath test conducted showed the percentage of alcohol in Fagerland’s blood to be .16 of one percent, well over the .08 mark that defines intoxication. He was released after being arraigned Monday morning.

A third man arraigned on misdemeanor DWI charges that morning was Matthew Murphy, 46, of Westhampton. An officer pulled him over in downtown Montauk Sunday evening for allegedly running a stop sign and failing to signal a turn. After reportedly failing sobriety tests, the officer told Murphy he was under arrest. According to the police, Murphy shoved the officer. Two officers assisted in handcuffing Murphy, who is now facing an additional misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. He was released without bail.

Backing into the stockade fence in the parking lot of Springs Tavern with a 2005 Ford Escape proved to be the prelude to the arrest of Glenn Specht, 47, of Northwest Woods, a little before midnight Friday, September 27, according to town police. Specht also performed poorly on sobriety tests.

Charged with drunken driving, he was taken to police headquarters where his breath test produced a blood alcohol content reading of .22 of one percent, enough to raise the charge to aggravated driving while intoxicated, police said. That charge remains at the misdemeanor level, as Specht did not have a prior DWI conviction in the past 10 years.

Held overnight, he was arraigned the next morning and released without bail.

A Montauk man, Xen Angelidis, 26, was driving a 2016 Nissan pickup a little after midnight September 25 when he was pulled over by East Hampton police on Flamingo Avenue for allegedly swerving across lane lines. After making the stop, Angelidis was charged with DWI as a first-time misdemeanor offense. He was released after being arraigned the following morning without having to post bail.

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