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Cody Hoyt. Independent/Nicole Teitler

It’s been two days and I’m still having problems standing up. That may sound like a bad thing, but when I asked Cody Hoyt of 7 Fitness to show me new leg exercises and to “push my limits,” he certainly delivered. Pain today, strength tomorrow.

A sleek black exterior, floor to ceiling windows, with black-accented interior design and mirrors across the wall, 7 Fitness in Westhampton Beach is as Instagrammable as it is motivating. It opened up Memorial Day weekend right off Old Riverhead Road as a 24/7 studio with everything necessary for an all-body workout.

The cardio equipment impresses with the latest: a Woodway Treadmill, motorless Assault Treadmill, Concept 2 Rower, Octane Max Trainer, and a Peloton Bike, with instant access to training classes ranging from cycling to yoga. Strengthening equipment surrounds with two strength racks with landmines, barbells and bumper plates, dumbbells, fixed barbells, a cable machine, and medicine balls.

Other highlights include stall bars, TRX straps, Aqua Boxing Bag, battle ropes, ladders and hurdles, resistant bands, BOSU ball, kettlebells, and a 12-yard turf. All of this is offset with an infrared sauna, a balancing component to sore muscles and overall health.

The number “7” is significant to Hoyt. It was his jersey number growing up, from peewee little league to college lacrosse, and it even marks his wedding anniversary (7/7/2017). So, after a background of working at other gyms and doing personal training at people’s homes for years, when the opportunity came to open up his own fitness studio, he could only think of one name, “7 Fitness.”

Hoyt and his sister, Christie Hoyt Tagliavia, are both in their early 30s and building a future on the East End — Christie resides in East Hampton with her husband, and Hoyt and his wife are raising two little ones. 7 Fitness is more than just a gym but a family supporting individual fitness goals. As Hoyt guided me through unique combos I hadn’t explored on my own, I was challenged while simultaneously feeling like I was part of a team.

The facility currently has 16 members with a cap off number at 35 so it maintains an intimate studio feel without members worrying about any crowding. For $285 a month, membership includes all access, anytime, unlimited infrared sauna, and two personal training sessions from Hoyt himself upon joining (so you can feel as sore as I currently do). Non-members are welcomed by appointment for $120 PT sessions per hour, or $140 for two ($70 per person). Through December 15, 7 Fitness is offering a two-for-one special: purchase any infrared sauna session and get one free.

Learn more or book a session at www.7fitness.net.

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