Tabling Time At Rosie’s

Will Weiss
At Rosie’s with Kara Hoblin, Taylor Berry, and Bridget LeRoy.

Some evenings are special. They stand out. For me, Tabling Time on Halloween night was one of those evenings. The Independent started its Indy Storytelling series at the beginning of October at Rosie’s in Amagansett and it’s been quite the memorable experience.

On each consecutive Thursday in October, guests joined us in sharing stories about a variety of topics including love, sacrifice, wisdom, and birth and rebirth. Special guest storytellers have included many friends of The Independent like Georgia Warner, Lynn Blue, Monte Farber, Angela LaGreca, Christine Prydatko, Dawn Watson, Alec Sokolow, Fred Raimondo, Minerva Perez, and Bill Goldstein. And Indy’s Heather Buchanan, Bridget LeRoy, and Ty Wenzel have shared too as special guests.

I was lucky to attend three out of the five dinners and loved every moment. Not to mention the food at Rosie’s is exceptional. Hats off to chefs Leo Mamaril and Josh Cohen.

The fitting theme on Halloween night was Death/Fear. For me, my two biggest fears are death and public speaking. So, when people asked if I’d be telling a story, I had to explain that I was just there as a spectator and joked, “This is my biggest fear!” It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of a room and talk about topics that are close to your heart. I appreciate every one of the stories told over the past month.

I love stories and I love to tell them on paper, where I can (depending on how close I am to deadline) take the time to make them exactly what I want the world to read. Sharing isn’t a problem for me, but I always fear that my mind would go blank if I tried to get up in front of the crowd and recall one of my life’s events, with no paper to read from.

Special guests who discussed Death/Fear included Matt Raynor, Kara Hoblin, Taylor Berry, and Gianna Volpe. Each of their stories was heartfelt and told perfectly. Like many of the storytelling nights this month, Halloween was one for the books. We left with the feeling of “Wow, I’ve really witnessed something real, filled with raw emotion.” It brought on all of the feels: tears, laughs, joy, heartache. Additional guests, inspired by the evening, continued to share throughout the night. There’s no doubt that the stories shared during Tabling Time last month will stay with listeners for a long time to come.

There’s something special about hearing stories from strangers and friends (and strangers who become friends). It’s a safe space for people to open up and share. And I’ll muster up the courage to share one of these nights. Two things I know I can’t escape in this life: death and public speaking.

The Independent will continue Indy Storytelling. The next theme, just in time for Thanksgiving, will be Gratitude.

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