Local Whistleblower Goes Unheard in Leaf Blower Din

Whistleblower unheard due to leaf blowers
Photo: gioiak2, imagemax, Elena Gladkaya/123RF

According to a recent complaint filed with the Hampton Police Department, a Sag Harbor man bravely stepped up to blow the whistle on major corruption and injustice being perpetrated by some people from some company or organization somewhere in the village, but no one could hear him over the ceaseless din of gas-powered leaf blowers, no matter where he tried to speak.

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The frustrated whistleblower also, apparently, sent in his complaint via email, but it must have ended up in the Hamptons Police junk mail box, which no one at the Department knows how to access. Members of the HPD Information Technology (IT) team said they could possibly extract the message if the whistleblower could provide his email address, but no one could hear him when he tried to share it.

If things continue like this, police spokesman Rex Gallant says Hamptons Police brass may seek out a part-time lip reader and add the role to next year’s budget.

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