Hamptons Police Department Earns Special Dan’s Best of the Best Award

Hamptons Police win Best of the Best award
Best of the Best winners interview, Photo: lightfieldstudios /123RF

The Hamptons Police Department was awarded special Dan’s Best of the Best 2019 “Vibranium” distinction in the South Fork Police category this week. HPD Public Relations Director Rex Gallant pointed out the Department was long overdue for a Best of the Best win, but his predecessor had never thought to enter the contest.

“We are incredibly proud to take home the Vibranium certificate, which we’ve been told was specially created for us because no other police departments exist in the area,” Gallant said. “We had no other competition, but let’s face it—even if we did, we’d still have no competition. This is the best police force around, no question,” he added. “What other local force do you know with their own submarine, not to mention our gorgeous new Montauk barracks and R&R facility.”

Inspired by all the Best of the Best excitement and hoopla, Gallant says he’s planning to create a new “Best of Department” contest only for Hamptons Police officers and staff. “I’m thinking it’ll be a heck of a morale booster when we award things like Best Bust, Cleanest Uniform, Best Car Chase, Funniest Jokester, and so on—the guys and gals at HQ are going to love it.”

Gallant said he’ll run the contest in the fall of 2020, and the Department will live stream the winners’ ceremony via their robust social media, on all platforms and devices. “Heck, we might even make a calendar with a winner for each month,” he continued. “I’ve also been considering a ‘Thirsty Hamptons PD’ calendar using our growing library of sexy pics from our Twitter account, so we’ll have to see what happens. One is definitely enough. Maybe we’ll put it to a vote.”

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