Artist Replaces $750K Smashed Rotting Pumpkin Piece in Sag Harbor

“The Death of Tradition” 2.0 by Nisan Täuschen
“The Death of Tradition” 2.0 by Nisan Täuschen, Photo: 123RF

Sag Harbor gallery owner Rose Plátano finally has a new rotting pumpkin on her front porch. The art aficionado was devastated in November after local youths smashed her last rotting pumpkin—a “near-priceless” piece of art called “The Death of Tradition”—and it’s taken this long for its creator to replace the piece.

Hungarian art sensation Nisan Täuschen finally find the right pumpkin to remake “The Death of Tradition” two weeks ago, but kept things quiet as she wanted to get the rot going before presenting the work to Plátano, who is now thrilled.

Hamptons Police Department officers are keeping a close watch on the rotten pumpkin/priceless conceptual sculpture to avoid another embarrassing mess.

“We’ve helped Ms. Plátano find and install the best surveillance equipment around and this time we’re not letting anyone near that thing,” HPD spokesman Rex Gallant told reporters this week. “It will rot and remain untouched right there on the porch, and that’s that,” he said. “Ms. Plátano has every right to enjoy her art’s, uh, I think she said, ‘beautiful and poignant decay.’”

The teen troublemaker who smashed Plátano’s first $750,000 pumpkin/art in November was eventually freed without charge, mostly thanks to the artist, who said she found that all the madness added to her work’s brilliant story and provenance. “It is all part of the exploration and sonic resonance that my art inspires,” the never humble and always cryptic Täuschen said. “I am carving rifts in the fabric of reality and human experience—what did you expect would happen?”

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