Manning Jr. Breaks Other Foot


Charles Manning Jr., the former Bridgehampton Killer Bee ballplayer who has been lighting up the Southeastern Conference this season, will be out another month.

Just four games after returning from a four-week hiatus to allow his broken left foot to mend, Manning Jr. is slated to be out another month after breaking his other foot. He underwent surgery March 2 to have a screw inserted into the fifth metatarsal in his left foot.

Manning Jr. plays for Louisiana State University, and performs well off the bench as the team’s sixth man. On the floor at crunch time, he’s averaging eight points per game on 50 percent shooting. The team at one point reeled in 15 straight wins — most with a healthy Manning Jr. — and was ranked No. 22 in the nation. The Tigers suffered without their junior swingman, but still hold a 20-9 overall mark and are second in the Southeast Conference at 11-5.

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